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Supporting HAF

HAF exists so that Rob’s teachings remain a living body of work, to be practised by all those called to their depth and integrity. They provide profound nourishment and offer us ways of looking that are not only important but deeply necessary in these disturbed times of climate breakdown and increasing geo-political instability. For HAF to continue supporting Rob’s Dharma legacy in all the ways it does, many kinds of generosity will be needed, including financial. Please consider donating, your money will support this beautiful and important work to sustain and take its place in the world.
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Donating to HAF

Whilst much of our work happens through the generosity (dana in Pali) of many people who freely donate their time and skills, HAF also has ongoing expenses. These include staffing and service provider costs, website hosting, publishing, funding translations of Rob’s book, awarding grants for longer term projects and research, and holding retreats and events.

For HAF to continue this work, in order that future generations may benefit from Rob’s wisdom and insight, financial support will be needed. Money is both empty of inherent existence and necessary. Without it, many of our ambitions will not be achievable, from existing at all to establishing a dedicated 'Rob Burbea' retreat centre.

If Rob’s teachings continue to touch and inspire you, please consider making a donation to HAF.

Any gift is appreciated, regardless of size or frequency. Regular donations via standing order are particularly valuable as they help us plan for the longer term.

You can donate either by direct bank transfer (details below) or with PayPal (link below).

Thank you.

Getting involved

The Hermes Amāra Foundation was established to safeguard and share Rob Burbea’s transformative teachings after his death. Everyone who practises in a way that is illuminated by Rob’s explorations and exposition is, in a very real sense, supporting and involved in the work of HAF. This is the most important fruit of Rob’s legacy, the one that was most dear to him. (Photo: retreatants who joined the first annual HAF retreat 'Between Eden and the Abyss', with Catherine McGee and Yahel Avigur.)

And, there are other ways of participating in HAF's work. There will periodically be specific organisational roles advertised through our newsletter The Mirrored Gates. There will also be call-outs for those with the time or skills to join groups working on custodial projects, or to contribute to creative projects such as the HAF Zine bound unbound.

We also welcome your ideas for projects which honour HAF's responsibilities to Rob's teachings.

You can get in touch at

HAF bank details

Unity Trust Bank
PO Box 7193
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Hermes Amāra Foundation
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Account Number: 20453718
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Two flowerings and a thank you

We'd like to thank everyone who has shown up in one way or another since Rob died, in this shared endeavour of honouring his teachings and his legacy. The flowering of Rob's Dharma in these particular times depends on all of us who have been drawn to, and so profoundly affected by, this work. So many of you have generously offered your practice, work, time, and creativity, all of which feels like a flowering in its own right. This gathering of energy around the teachings allows them to stay vital, in their refraction through each one of us, as they migrate from meditation cushion out into the world, and back again.

With love and gratitude,

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