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Relational Supporters

Rob emphasised the importance of acknowledging and attending to the relational difficulties which can (and will) sometimes arise within sangha. There is value in conflict, and if handled well tensions can be generative of growth for individuals, for relationships, and for the sangha as a whole. HAF's Relational Supporters offer support for working with relational difficulties within the sangha and HAF.
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The 'Generative Stretch' of Conflict

We see the value of a relationally skilful, strong and resourced community. We understand that when people come together, tensions and conflicts can and do arise for many reasons. This is not only normal and healthy but has the potential to be generative and fruitful - the 'stretch' necessary for personal and collective growth. Working with conflict can allow a deeper trust to take root as we practice and work together. We see a commitment to relational work within sangha and the organisational working environment of HAF as essential.

Many Ways of Working

Through our Dharma practice, Rob's teachings and other frameworks, we have many ways of working with personal and relational issues. For example through insight practice we can use different 'ways of looking' to gain new perspectives on ‘stuck’ feelings and situations. In brahmavihara practices we can use mettā (loving kindness) and karuna (compassion) to tend to and hold ourselves and others kindly during times of difficulty. Soulmaking includes relational practices in dyads and utilizes concepts such as ‘temenos’ (sacred space). Over time these kinds of practices can support and open up a greater possibility of skilfully meeting interpersonal conflict and tensions.

Sangha Capacities and Skills

We recognise, respect and encourage the experience and capacities within the sangha that allow for skilful engagement with relational difficulty.  We trust that more often than not sangha members and those working for HAF who experience conflict will find ways forward with the resources already available to them and not need additional support.

We also understand that additional support may be needed in situations where relational dynamics are having (or could have) a significant impact on the individuals involved.  In these instances seeking support from those with training and experience in Relational Support can be extremely helpful.

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Relational Support Offered

We offer support to people who experience tensions that have arisen within or are affecting their ability to participate in their roles in the following areas:

- work with HAF or within HAF
- individuals who take part in online or in-person HAF-related sanghas

We offer two forms of support:

1) Sangha support sessions - with a skilled sangha member
2) Trained support sessions - with someone trained in conflict work

Request Support

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Join the Relational Supporters

HAF Relational Supporters are recruiting people from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience to join our pool of Trained Conflict Supporters. Offering your service in this role will support the flourishing and wellbeing of HAF and our beautiful sangha.


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